SACRED SPACE – where everything is possible

The opportunity to update, build or re design our homes presents a whole world of possibility. Because our homes are directly connected to  our own personal energy, we can absolutely open up unlimited options in our lives when we design interiors with intention. I call this “Intentional Interior Design”.

Rooms become environments that provide the experience we crave in our lives,  the feeling of delight, of being motivated or empowered, the  feeling of being loved, content and safe. With your Intentional Interior design your home becomes the foundation that excites you to live your best life. We use color, placement, materials, light, and personal expression ( yours!) to express your energy and goals. All while creating a beautiful and functional home.

Whether you live in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Palm Beach or Palm Beach Gardens, signing up for A day of Design is the first step to your interior with heart!
Together we can create a sacred home that is all you.

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