Ideas in Progress

Complete Design Concepts

From floor plans and colors, details and furnishings and designing the look you’re imaging, we create total design plans that take you from ideas to turnkey. Detailed floor plans, drawings and 3 D renderings are created just for you. Our presentations include fabrics, furnishings, lighting, and all the wonderful things that create a beautiful home. We are with you from the very first meeting to your finished home, ensuring that our design for you is all you have imagined. Our home base is Boca Raton, Delray Beach and South Florida, and we will travel the globe when the project calls.

Home As Sanctuary

Our homes are our sacred spaces where we become our most authentic selves. They are a reflection of you and your best life. We design with intention for you, interpreting you and your family for your place to call home. Some of the design tools we use are Biophilic Design (connecting your home and you to the natural world), color, balance and harmony, and furnishings and finishes that are reflective and supportive of your journey. Shelly Preziosi has intuitive sense for intentional designing, and guides you to create your beautiful and purposeful sacred space.

New Construction, Renovation And Project Management

When you embark on a new home or a renovation, Shelly Preziosi Designs will become part of your team of architects and builders to design your perfect home from the start. We’ll begin with a design concept and insure that your new home becomes the space you envision, every step of the way. If you are a part time resident you can relax, knowing that we are managing things for you. From the first step to the last finishing touch, we create your perfect aesthetic, purchase your furnishings, design elements and oversee perfect installations.

Furnishings And Finishing Touches

Looking to update or refresh for the perfect solutions? Shelly Preziosi designs can shop for you to find the perfect furnishings and finishing touches. Lighting, accents, fabrics, accessories and art? We have it covered. Working with our vast global network of unique vendors and resources, we design the perfect complete interior for you. Preparing for an event or party? We can get you ready for a final look that showcases you and your home.

Interior Design & Decor in Boca Raton, FL

Kitchens And Bathrooms

A kitchen to cook in or entertain friends and family, a spa bath that takes you away to your relaxing place, we are NKBA certified in the specialty of kitchen and bathroom design. We are constantly updating our knowledge and resources for the newest technology and trends. Whether it’s for a brand new home, and upgrade or renovation, we design beautiful kitchens and bathrooms that speak to you and your lifestyle

Home Focused Energy Clearing And Intention Setting

Feeling stuck? Want to make your house your best home? Looking to create a sacred space where you are your best, feeling comfort and joy?
We offer home energy clearing and intention setting to help you do just that. Using crystal energy, space clearing techniques, color, physical arrangements and your intentions and desired outcome,