Kitchen cabinets as Furniture?

A few years back, I had a client that moved to the US from Germany. She told me that in Germany, when you move to a new home, you take your kitchen with you-yes, really. With the exception of the appliances, all of the pieces that comprise a kitchen; an island, counters, cabinets, towers, and shelving , are packed up and moved with the rest of your furniture. When you get to your new house you put your kitchen together again. I don’t ever see this happening in the US but, I do see a trend.

New modern kitchens have real style. They have designed them to flow with the rest of our homes, holding that sophisticated and beautiful vibe. Our living styles comprise of rooms that seamlessly connect to one another, and we are entertaining in the kitchen and enjoying the kitchen as an activity center.

There is a resurgence in cooking and gardening and being closer to our food- the growing, the preparing and the sourcing.

This heart of the home is trending as a place of beauty, with mindful designs. Beautiful tiles and solid surfaces, bold colors, a
mix of materials and natural countertops call for unique cabinetry featuring versatility, beauty and smart function.

European and US companies, Henry Built, Vipp, and Bulthaup all feature beautiful cabinets and mix and match components that could pass for the finest sideboard or foyer cabinet.

With the right sources, design expertise and planning our kitchens become the real heart of the home.

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